A campaign for the misunderstood: 5 reasons Duathlon rocks

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Forever in the endurance racing shadows, duathlon is commonly referred to as triathlon’s poor cousin. This run, bike, run event seems to have been swept aside or given little attention and care… but why? Surely for most the chance to not put yourself through that dreaded swim leg is exactly what we have been crying out for?

No more freezing training sessions or wetsuit rash! No more dog fights or awkward transitions just the opportunity to do what we all love. I bet you didn’t know 10 years ago Duathlon was on a par with triathlon in terms of interest! Isn’t it about time we took triathlon’s poor cousin seriously? We think so and decided to articulate 5 reasons why Duathlon Rocks!

No bloody swimming

Admittedly, I have grown to quite enjoy swimming but with technique as efficient as a knife through a rock it’s always been a huge struggle of mine… and I know I’m not alone. Well, there is a solution for this. Duathlon obviously has no swim leg so you get to do what you’re good at… twice! If like me you struggle with the swim, and you much prefer the feel of earth on your feet then in duathlon you have found your sport.

It’s all year round

Much like the individual disciplines, duathlon doesn’t take a break over the cold and wet months! Now while that doesn’t sound like a positive for those looking for a rest it’s great to have a couple of events in the calendar other than the Christmas Santa run right? Wrap up, race and earn that cosy hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Get your mountain bike on

How often can you take part in a multi discipline run-bike event without being sniffed at for riding a mountain bike? Errrrr… never right!? So for all you suspension loving, fat tire, mountain bike bandits here’s your chance. Enjoy some of the fantastic trails on offer to really get the blood pumping! Top tip… bring a spare pair of clothes because by the end you will probably look like you have taken part in an obstacle course race rather than a duathlon.

The people

Ok… here we go… don’t kill me but… it’s more relaxed, more experience based and less results based. Now of course there are those who will go after the gold and those who will turn their nose up at your last years gear but they’re everywhere. Don’t believe me? Try one and see for yourself!

Less training (potentially)

Let’s say you are coming from a triathlon background then you might look to duathlons during the winter months. With one less discipline to worry about you can just concentrate on your bike and run sessions. Not only will your body thank you but your marriage might as well. Enjoy the break.


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