Gung Ho! – the ultimate ‘urban’ OCR.


Fancy an obstacle challenge but mud not your thing?

Well, a Gung Ho! urban OCR is your answer. With these inflatable 5k obstacle course races you still get drenched, but think more man-made obstacles with ‘ foamy’ overtones, less gunge-filled swamps!

Famed for being the world’s biggest inflatable 5k, comprising 10 bouncy obstacles and more foam than you can shake a rubber duck at (!), this one makes for a fun yet active challenge that’s suitable for all ages and abilities.  Hosted in popular locations with themed merchandise, medals and photography included in the price package, it’s great for families or groups of adults from the city out for something a bit different on a weekend.

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Gung-Ho! Windsor
24 March 2018 £45.00 £33.75

Gung Ho! Essex
21 April 2018 £45.00 £33.75

Gung Ho! Kent
7 July 2018 £32.00 £24.00 (early bird)

Gung Ho! Crystal Palace
22 September 2018 £32.00 £24.00 (early bird)


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