Obstacle course races: the lowdown


Love or hate, obstacle course racing is something you’ve always got on your list isn’t it?! The ultimate challenge, some might say… complete one and you demonstrate three things we all hope to achieve from our fitness journey – stamina, core strength and team work. What a champ!

Whether that’s already you, or you feel you’re somewhere near the bottom of that long metaphorical rope climb, we’ve got you covered!

There’s something for every kind of challenger on the OCR scene. From a mud-hating 5k fun runner to a wilderness-loving ultra racer. Better still, if you like doing fitness stuff with pals, they’re the best kind of team event out there!

Here’s the low down on four of our ‘big ones’ from the industry and what to expect from their races.

Spartan are the bad boys of the obstacle racing scene. The type of people who compete in a Spartan race are people looking to step outside their comfort zone…and then step a bit further. Their iconic races vary from 5k to ultra marathon distance (the ultimate Trifecta) , and obstacles range from 20-60+. Epic team events, not for the faint-hearted.

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Who hasn’t heard of Rat Race right?! That’s because they’re the biggest adventure sports organisers in Britain. Think quirky fast-paced challenges that’ll test your endurance, navigation, agility and your sense of adventure. As well as some seriously brutal ultra distances, these guys also offer sub 5ks and junior races for OCR challenge newbies.

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Inspired by TV game shows like Gladiators, Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior, Rough Runner’s events combine epic inflatable and water-based obstacles with mud running. Each event has different courses of varying distances and obstacle numbers. These ones are renowned by the weekend warriors! They also usually include a kiddies race, so you don’t need to worry about where to put your youngens on race day.

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Fancy an obstacle challenge but mud not your thing? Well, Gung Ho! is your answer. With these inflatable 5k obstacle course races you still get drenched, but think more foam-filled obstacles, less gunge-filled swamps! Good for kids, as well as grown ups wanting to be kids.

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