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The UK’s Best Marathons – City, Countryside & Seaside

How does 26.2 miles of running in one continuous go sound to you? If you’re thinking ‘I would rather pull my finger nails out’ then it’s probably time for you to stop reading and perhaps find another challenge. However if it ignites a little fire, or tickles your challenge juices then this article is for you.

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The best Obstacle Racer in the World – Jon Albon!

In 2014 Jonathan Albon was crowned the greatest Obstacle Course Racer in the World. We got in touch with him to discuss every from Obstacle racing in the olympics to his favourite exercise and the main question... What food does he crave during an event!

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Clinique’s Run or Dye – Event Report

What do you imagine when you think of one of these colourful events pre race? To say I was surprised would be an understatement…. The colours, the mess, the smiles… as soon as you walk in, it’s incredible!