Review: Rothley 10k – #SupportYourLocalEvent

That's right, we here at MyChallengeHQ love a big, high profile challenge but we also love the little guys too! And for that reason we are campaigning for all you challengers out there to #SupportYourLocalEvent.


This is Challenge Sophie

Meet Sophie Radcliffe aka 'Challenge Sophie', she’s an adventurer, endurance athlete, public speaker and just all round good egg!


What type of Challenger are you?

Ok, so you have nailed down your diet, you've maximised your fitness regime and your motivation is sky high. What next? At MyChallengeHQ we think it's best to cash in all those ‘training chips’ and reward all that hard work with a challenge. With over 14,000 events in the UK to choose from, you have so many great options to take part in. But which ones right for you? Below we help you decide what event suits your personality and training style.


Danny Bents 5 Life Lessons

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking... I recognise this guy! That’s because you probably saw him getting wet, tired and abused on the BBC program, Ultimate Hell Week