Our Top Ten Tips For Taking On A Swimming Event

By Swimming

We asked our members to share their own individual tips for newbie swimmers. Here are our top ten.

Tip 1 – Pack extra ear plugs. Down the front of your wetsuit.

Tip 2 – Lakes don’t have sharks in them – Get that out of your head.

Tip 3 – Wear vaseline to avoid wetsuit rash.

Tip 4 – Get used to the water temperature before the race starts so it’s not a shock.

Tip 5 – Stay at the back at the start if you’re uncomfortable.

Tip 6 – If you panic, do some heads up breast stroke to regain your composure. Don’t worry about anyone around you and once it’s thinned out get back to crawl.

Tip 7 – Breathe as often as you need to and practice breathing on both sides so you have a choice.

Tip 8 – Practice sighting – pick a spot and follow it.

Tip 9 – If you’re tiring, switch to breast stroke. It’s finishing that matters.

Tip 10 – Wait until you can touch the bottom of the water with your hands before trying to stand up.

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